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Latitude: 45.533622°N
Longitude: 25.610620°E

Town: Brasov
Massif: Piatra Mare

Starting point: Tamina Parking[ 45.538960 °N | 25.588506° E ]
Finish point: Tamina Crag[ 45.533622 °N | 25.610620° E ]

Highlights: The Tamina waterfall, located in the Piatra Mare Massif, is one of the newest climbing areas of Romania: the first climb was completed in 2006. The canyon of the Tamina River splits the area in two distinct parts. You can go through the canyon without any special equipment on the pre-laid ladders. There is a nice green camping area just before you descend to the first sector - Cascada - and the water from the Tamina River is safe to drink. It is a 45 minute walk uphill to the Tamina waterfall from the barrier at the bottom (near the road from Timisul de Sus).

Climbing: The limestone rock is mostly face climbing with short overhanging sections. The routes are long and sustained and will amaze you with their variety and beauty.

Getting here: Drive from Brasov on the national road DN1 towards Bucharest. After several kilometres you'll reach Timisul de Sus. Drive past the Timisul de Sus railway station for about 500m. Just before the national road makes a large turn to right, on the left you will see a dirt road blocked by a barrier and a tourist sign with directions the Tamina waterfall. Park the car in the small parking place before the barrier (25 minutes drive). From here you have two options: you can take an easy but longer walk on the forest road (1 hour walk) or you can follow the marked trail uphill through the forest (blue stripe) which is steep but shorter (45 minutes walk). As you exit the forest take left and walk 100m until you see a sign post on your right. After a small steep descent you'll reach the first climbing routes from the Cascada sector. Continue descending until you reach the river. Cross the river and follow the path to the right. The path will curve to the left and here you have a steep uphill climb through the forest until you see the Faleza Mare sector.

Bolting: The bolting is according to international standards with stainless steel expansion bolts and chain lower-offs on all of the routes.

Sun: Being sheltered by the trees, the base of the crag is in the shade all day long, making this area one of the best to climb in hot weather. The routes that emerge above the tree line are exposed to the sun all day.

Rain: After light rain you can climb on many overhang routes or those sheltered by the trees. Most routes dry quickly after rain.

Seasons: You can climb here from early spring until late autumn. This is the perfect place to climb on hot summer days.

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