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Latitude: 45.363082°N
Longitude: 25.527866°E

Town: Sinaia
Massif: Bucegi

Starting point: Peles Castle[ 45.355883 °N | 25.548617° E ]
Finish point: Valea Pelesului[ 45.363082 °N | 25.527866° E ]

Highlights: The Peles Valley crags are spread along the banks of the Peles River. You can sleep overnight at the chalet in Poiana Stanii or you can camp in Poiana Stanii. You can find fresh water from the Peles River.

Climbing: The limestone rock offers mostly vertical or overhanging routes.

Getting here: From Sinaia town centre drive on the road that leads you to Peles Castle. From the Peles Castle continue on the asphalted road towards Cota 1400. After you exit the residential area, at the first hairpin turn take right on a country road (marked with blue stripe) for 150 meters until you reach the valley of the Peles River. Here you'll find a small parking place to park your car (15 minutes drive). From here, continue on walking upstream on the Peles Valley keeping to the bank on your right. Pass successively past two dams and you'll reach the base of the Faleza Francezilor sector (10 minutes walk).

Bolting: The routes are equipped with expansion bolts, partly stainless steel ones. Linked expansion bolts lower-offs.

Sun: Located along the deep valley of Peles and mostly shaded by trees all day long, the routes are a pleasure to climb even on hot summer days.

Rain: On rainy days the only sector that remains dry is the Surplomba sector. However, this is typically suitable for climbers of french grade 7a and above.

Seasons: Summer is ideal season for climbing here. Nevertheless, you can climb here in optimal conditions spring and autumn as long as the sun is shining. We don't recommend climbing here in winter.

Photos of Valea Pelesului

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