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Details about area Masivul Bucegi - Busteni

Highlights: Busteni is a mountain resort situated in Prahova county, along the upper stream of Prahova Valley, south of Predeal and north of Sinaia, ones of the most famous mountain resorts in Romania. The resort lies under the crests of Caraiman Mountain, on whose peak you can see the Caraiman Cross, a monument built in the memory of the Romanian soldiers who died during the World War I. Busteni is a main starting point for hiking and climbing routes in the Bucegi Mountains, the cradle of Romanian alpinism.

Climbing: Busteni is the gate to one of the most renowned climbing area of Romania, Bucegi Mountains. This is the place where romanian alpinism was born. If your specialty is traditional climbing, then the big walls of Valea Alba are a must. Valea Alba walls are the highest conglomerate walls from eastern Europe (400m). If sport climbing is what you love, then Piranha crag will charm you with the same quality of conglomerate, but this time on sport routes.

Getting here: Getting to Busteni is straight-forward, either you come from Bucharest, either from Brasov. Any of the trains railing on Prahova Valley will stop in Busteni. With the car, it takes no more than 2 hours from Bucharest, driving North on national road DN1, or less than 1 hour from Brasov, driving South on the same DN1.

Accommodation: Finding accommodation in Busteni is the easiest thing ever. The town is quite small to cross it by foot and every where you turn your sight you'll see lots of small and charming guest-houses.

Where to eat: There are a handful of good restaurants in Busteni. Most of them are located in the town centre.

What to see: Prahova Valley is one of the most important tourist areas in Romania. The most attractive for the tourists are without doubt the Bucegi Mountains which stretch out on the territory of Prahova and Brasov counties and offer from their peaks with altitudes over 2000m an amazing scenery. The Caraiman Cross, a monument built in the memory of the Romanian soldiers who died during the World War I dominates the valley from the top of the mountains. The Cross can be admired from distance in Busteni, but if you want to see it closer you can make a trip to the Caraiman Peak. Prahova Valley is the veritable paradise for the mountaineers. The Bucegi Mountains are a nature reserve, sheltering a great variety of plants and trees species, many of them protected by law, as for example the edelweiss, the wild carnation and the yellow gentian. During your hiking routes you will have the unique occasion to admire the rich vegetation and to encounter the chamois, if you choose less walked trails. Once you have reached the Bucegi Plateau, you will have the opportunity to admire strangely wind and water shaped rocks: Babele (The Hags) and the Sphinx.

Climate: By its position at the foothills of Bucegi Mountains the climate here has an alpine character. The summer is usually chili (July has an average temperature of only 15 degrees Celsius) and the winter is really cold (with an average of -5 degrees Celsius during January). The yearly average temperature is about 6 degrees Celsius, while the humidity is high and the rains are heavy.

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