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Latitude: 45.619978°N
Longitude: 25.558415°E

Town: Brasov
Massif: Postavaru

Starting point: Piata Sfatului[ 45.642191 °N | 25.588982° E ]
Finish point: Pietrele lui Solomon[ 45.619978 °N | 25.558415° E ]
Parking: Pietrele lui Solomon[ 45.619978 °N | 25.558415° E ]

Highlights: Pietrele lui Solomon crag, located at the outskirts of Brasov town, is one of the preferred places for those who are in search of a pleasant place to spend their weekend. In summer time you can climb in the shade and early in the spring or late in the autumn you can find sunny climbs. There is a small river flowing through the Pietrele lui Solomon area and lots of springs that make it an ideal camping area. You can reach to Pietrele lui Solomon in no more than 45 minutes of walking from the centre of Brasov, or 15 minutes by car.

Climbing: The rock is a good quality limestone, the climbing featuring mostly vertical or overhanging faces. If you don't have a climbing partner, you can boulder at Traverseu sector.

Getting here: To reach Pietrele lui Solomon start driving from Piata Sfatului, the heart of the medieval Brasov. Head to Piata Unirii along Baritiu Street, towards SW. From Piata Unirii continue on Capitan Ilie Birt Street, and then on Vasile Saftu Street until you reach Piata Prundului. Continue on Pe Tocile Street and then Invatatorilor Street until you reach a country road. Drive along the river (heading SW) on the non-asphalted road to a big parking place where you must park the car (15 minutes drive). From here, follow the road that takes you to Pietrele lui Solomon (3 minutes walk).

Bolting: Most of the routes have been re-bolted with stainless steel expansion bolts (during summer 2008 by Titus Gontea). You can find old hardware on some sport routes and in the alpine ones there is a mix of expansion bolts and pitons.

Sun: By the nature of the landscape (gorge) you can climb in shade during the summer or in the sun early in the spring or late autumn.

Rain: You can still climb at Traverseu or Brana sectors on light rain. After long rainy periods you might need to wait for the infiltrations to dry for some of the routes.

Seasons: You can climb here starting from early spring until late autumn and you can find routes in shade or exposed to sun, as you wish. We don't recommend climbing here during winter, because of the water infiltrations.

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