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Latitude: 45.544203°N
Longitude: 25.528603°E

Town: Rasnov
Massif: Postavaru

Starting point: Rasnov[ 45.593820 °N | 25.460223° E ]
Finish point: Postavaru[ 45.544203 °N | 25.528603° E ]

Highlights: Postavaru crag is located 10km far from Rasnov town, to the West end of Postavaru Massif. The crag is one of the newest climbing areas in Romania. The picturesque landscape makes this area weekend treat, especially during hot summer days. You can camp in a tent or stay overnight at one of the many chalets in the area. You can find drinking water on the left sideof the river which flows through the Rasnoavei Gorge, at the base of Creasta Generalului route. Besides climbing, you can enjoy the Tyrolean traverse between the two rock walls that guard the Rasnoavei Gorge, or you can bungee-jump on one of the highest natural bungee-jumping facilities in eastern Europe.

Climbing: With more than 100 routes, this area has it all: balance face climbing, wide or narrow cracks, overhangs and roofs, pocketed or smooth faces. You will have lots of routes to choose from, especially if you look for unclimbed projects. The routes range from very easy to very hard.

Getting here: Go by car from Brasov on the national road DN73 following signs for Pitesti. Cross through the town of Rasnov and several hundred meters after you exit the town, follow the secondary road DN73A towards Bucharest, via Paraul Rece. After a few kilometres, you'll see signs to Cheile Rasnoavei. Follow this country road (marked with red triangle) until you reach a barrier. Take care because this country road has several junctions and you must keep the main road. Before the barrier there is a small parking place where you can park your car (45 minutes drive). Keep walking on the country road that leads you into Cheile Rasnoavei (10 minutes walk). If you continue on this road, you'll see the Bolovanul Prostului sector on your left, which is part of the Cheile Rasnoavei climbing area (15 minutes walk). Go further and after several hundred meters you will notice an inclined clearing on your left (25 minutes walk). Follow the trail up the slope to your left and you'll reach the South part of the crag (35 minutes walk).

Bolting: This is one of the newest climbing areas in Romania, therefore the bolting is according to the most demanding standards, with stainless steel expansion bolts and chain lower-offs. All the routes have been bolted by Titus Gontea.

Sun: The wall is exposed to sun-light all day long. We don't recommend climbing here on hot summer days.

Rain: On rainy days, the rock becomes wet very easily, but dries very quickly after, due to strong winds.

Seasons: During summer we recommend climbing here only in the morning or late in the evening as the rock is exposed to direct sunlight. Spring and autumn are ideal seasons for climbing here. On sunny winter days if there is no wind, you can enjoy a pleasant climbing experience.

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