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Latitude: 45.421487°N
Longitude: 25.515136°E

Town: Busteni
Massif: Bucegi

Starting point: Kalinderu[ 45.419668 °N | 25.524538° E ]
Finish point: Piranha[ 45.421487 °N | 25.515136° E ]

Highlights: The crag is located on the outskirts of the Bucegi Mountains, in the lower basin of Seaca Caraimanului Valley.

Climbing: The short, bouldery routes are mostly face climbing with small overhanging sections. The conglomerate rock makes climbing here very interesting.

Getting here: From the railway station of Busteni go North on the main street. Several hundread metres after, turn left on the street called Valea Alba. Just after a big right turn, you should turn left on one of the small asphalted streets that lead to the base of the Kalinderu ski slope (20 minutes walk). From here continue on walking on the ski slope that has the shape of the letter S in its lower part. When you reach the second pillar of the ski-lift, exit the ski-slope to the right on a small country road (35 minutes walk). After crossing the ski-lift, the country road turns into a trail marked with a red cross. Walk along this trail on the contour line which leads you to the river bed of Seaca Caraimanului Valley (60 minutes walk). Just before descending into the river bed, climb the steep slope to your left. In less than 100m you'll reach the crag's base (65 minutes walk).

Bolting: Safe bolting with expansion bolts. Chain lower-offs.

Sun: The crag is sheltered by trees, making climbing here a real pleasure during hot summer days.

Rain: During light rain the routes remain dry, but we do not recommend climbing here after periods of heavy rain.

Seasons: This is the perfect place to climb in summer, as well as on dry days in spring and autumn. We don't recommend climbing here in winter.

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