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Latitude: 45.632914°N
Longitude: 25.590752°E

Town: Brasov
Massif: Postavaru

Starting point: Piata Sfatului[ 45.642191 °N | 25.588982° E ]
Finish point: Sector Belvedere[ 45.632914 °N | 25.590752° E ]

Highlights: Tampa Mountain dominates the town of Brasov with its impressive heights. The peak is located nearby the old town of Brasov and is reachable either by cable car or a 45 minute hike up one of the many marked trails.

Climbing: The rock is solid limestone, with a large variety of holds, from one finger pockets to large cracks. The limestone in the slabby area has blue-grayish colour and the grip is excellent.

Getting here: To reach the Sector Belvedere, start from Piata Sfatului (the heart of the medieval town of Brasov). From Piata Sfatului go to Poarta Schei along Baritiu Street heading SW direction, then on Sirul Beethoven Street heading South (5 minutes walk). Then follow Tiberiu Brediceanu Alley heading South, which will take you to Olimpia sports base (10 minutes walk). From here, you must head South following the blue stripe marked trail, along the edge of the forest. Follow the blue stripe trail until you reach a clearing where you turn left into the forest (20 minutes walk). Start going up the gentle slope on the same marked trail, and after a few zigzags you will reach a crossroad (25 minutes walk). Follow the path to the left until you reach another crossroad (30 minutes walk). From this point, don't go either on the left or on the right marked trails, but follow the unmarked trail between the two. You will pass a stony section and then follow the unmarked trail which wanders through pine and beech trees. Before arriving at the crag, you will go through another small stony section (45 minutes walk).

Bolting: Nowadays, the routes are bolted in compliance with the international standards. Most of the routes are equipped with stainless steel expansion bolts and chain lower-offs, except for a few routes that still have old bolts or pitons.

Sun: The Belvedere Sector has a SW orientation and is sunny from noon to sunset.

Rain: On rainy days, the crag can easily become wet but it can dry quickly, especially if the wind is strong.

Seasons: During the summer, when the crag is directly exposed to the sun, we recommend climbing only in the morning or in the evening. In winter, if the sun shines and there is no wind, you can climb wearing only a T-shirt.

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