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Latitude: 45.503427°N
Longitude: 25.507336°E

Town: Predeal
Massif: Bucegi

Starting point: Cabana Belvedere[ 45.503841 °N | 25.507081° E ]
Finish point: Belvedere Crag[ 45.505213 °N | 25.502174° E ]

Highlights: Belvedere crag is located between Predeal and Paraul Rece, in the vicinity of the Belvedere chalet. You can easily reach the chalet by car and a 15 minutes walk from the chalet will take you to the base of the crag.

Climbing: The rock is solid limestone, with wall height between 10 and 60 metres. The left sector is sheltered by trees and ideal for climbing during summer days. The central and left sectors are much higher and directly exposed to the sun.

Getting here: To reach the Belvedere crag, start from Predeal on the national road DN1 driving in the direction of Bucharest. Just before crossing the bridge over the railway, turn right towards the Paraul Rece resort, on the secondary road DN73A. Before entering Paraul Rece, turn left on the country road that leads to Belvedere chalet. Park the car in front of the chalet (15 minutes drive). From the parking place, go up the slope behind the chalet on the easy to spot trail until you cross a country road (5 minutes walk). Continue on this road to the right for 200m until you see a small trail which goes slightly to your left. Walk on this trail following the ridge line. Just before the trail steepens, you will see a clear path descending to the left into the forest (10 minutes walk). Continue on this trail which turns right and then start ascending until you reach the base of the crag (15 minutes walk).

Bolting: Most of the routes are equipped with glued bolts and expansion bolts. The old protection hardware has been replaced, but there are routes where you can still find rusted bolts or old pitons. Re-bolting is still in progress.

Sun: The sun shines on the wall at noon, so you can climb in the sunlight until sunset. The crag has SW exposure.

Rain: When it rains the wall gets wet, making climbing conditions much harder. After long rainy periods, the left sector dries slowly because it is shaded by trees.

Seasons: You can climb here in excellent conditions starting early in the spring until late autumn. Its location near the Bucegi Mountains makes it a comfortable place to climb even during hot summer days.

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